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Whiners and Losers (finally) 

Finally. Yes, I hit the button ... submit. Done!

The album is out of our hands and virally making the rounds to the on-line stores. We set May 15 for the grand releae date but it may trickle out before that. Will 'ya do us a solid and give it a whirl.? Leave a review? Tweet and/or otherwise celebrate with us?

The Whiners and Losers release is something special, we think. Songs about life ... the not so hidden theme.

     We've got the needed bar code as well. In the tradition of this blog, I post it… Read more

OK, I Admit It ...  

OK,  I admit it ... I like Bombgirls. 

OK, I admit it ... I find a lack of attention the band gets to be frustrating.

OK, I admit it ... I wish more of you were reading this.

OK, I admit it ... I wish I could play lead guitar.

OK, I admit it ... I wish I were 10 pounds lighter.

OK, I admit it ... I wish I wrote Time Of Your Life.

OK, I admit it ... I miss singing with Shannon.

OK, I admit it ... I was wrong once.

OK, I admit it ... I wish Dave and Margo would comment on The Whiners music.

OK I…Read more

Aussie Floyd Aussieome 

Saw the Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga on Friday, October 26. Giving it an 8 of 10.

Loved the sound, the lights and most of the performances. Highlights were Shine On, The Fletcher Memorial Home, One of these Days, What Do You Want From Me and Comfortably Numb. Maybe a bit too much emphasis on the newer Floyd cuts otherwise but a good set list.
The downside were some of the technical sounds they had - not being as Floyd like as the real thing. Some of this may have had to…Read more

Fogerty More a Tribute Act to Himself Than CCRevisited  

Went to see John Fogerty in Toronto September 14. My reactions - though he is one awesome lead guitar player - were not too good.

Where do I start? I was quite excited to hear Fogerty would be playing full Creedence albums on this tour. I was hoping I would land on a night when Cosmos Factory would be up. It was! Great so far. But, my most anticipated moment: "Heard It Through The Grapevine" turned out to be around 8 minutes less long than I expected and wanted. I just love that CCR groove on that…Read more

Backbeat Beatles 

Went and saw Backbeat the play last night at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto. Thought it was great!

I could quibble about a few things but, when I say that, it reminds me how much I find quibbles irritating when it comes to my own work, haha.

It didn't really remind me that much of the movie and I heard some lines out of a Hard Days Night and classic Beatle lore such as George talking about Geroge Martin's tie during a studio session. Speaking of George, I didn't find they leveraged his instrument…Read more

Roger Waters at Rogers Centre - A Return to TO - 

I went to see the Wall return Saturday, June 23. This time at the Rogers Centre vs. the Air Canada Centre. I wondered what differences you might get at the two locations and, sure enough, Torontonians got a taste of The Wall stadium show variety. A much larger wall to be sure.

Waters seemed even more relaxed than 19 months ago. If he continues this way, he won't be recognisable as the same man who spat on a fan in Montreal - the incident that began this whole Wall adventure. Waters said as much with a: I'm…Read more

Almost There  

Well, the Whiners and Losers album is almost mixed. It's so close. In fact, it's so close I can't finish it since I'm so close to it. I've been giving it some distance to see if I still like the mixes when I come back to them. So, we'll set the date shortly and off we go. Gotta' get it out ... stay tuned.

Facebook Changes
I did want to comment on Facebook's changes to the band pages. I'm warming to the concept of the time line now that I see you have some control over how the page layout. I did find it…Read more

Brit Floyd Doing It Right With Cigars, Lights and Sounds 

Saw Brit Floyd at Sony Centre For The Performing Arts in Toronto last night (Macrh 1). They were simply great and it was a greatest Floyd hits show for song selections. Absolutely the best version of Great Gig in the Sky I've ever heard. Other stand outs were have a Cigar b/w Wish You Were Here - just like on the album. And their take on Animals was superb with Pigs 3 Different Ones. The only issue I might pick at was just a bit of guitar wanking on some songs. Sir Gilmour never goes all Eddie Van Halin on…Read more

Pre-naked Pictures Thoughts  

So the Grammy and Academy awards happened already. Check those off the list!

There are too many award shows (don't you agree?) but, even so, it is a good thing for peers to recognise each other. We think so anyway.

But, I wish there was an Internet or viral awards thing as well (and there probably is) but there are so many bands like us out there not even on the radar that it would be hard to judge it - let alone award anything. So perhaps the "Off-The-Radar" Awards. We'd take the "try hard" award - or at…Read more


Keith is a bit of an oddity.  He collects lots of stuff. That's not really that odd but he is kind of over the top with it. For a time EFX pedals were his mania.  Most of the effort (we do have to say) went to finding the kind of EFX he wanted for his acoustic guitar rig.  You see, even that is a bit odd. Most guitarists keep their acoustic pure (save for perhaps a little bit of chorus) and go for EFX on the electrics.  Keith, being the contrarian that he is, went the other way around. So it's the same for everything else. But that doesn't mean he won't agree with you. The question for you to ask is will you agree with him?

If you haven 't yet listened to any of the band's music, well, what is stopping you? Really … here's one more opportunity for you to click and listen.

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